Sunmodule Plus SW 290-310 MONO

  • TUV Power controlled
  • Every component is tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements
  • Designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice
  • 25-year linear performance warranty and 10-year product warranty
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating

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Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency. SolarWorld only delivers modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power. 25-year linear performance guarantee and extension of product warranty to 10 years SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance digression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry, along with our industry-first 10-year product warranty.**

* Solar cells manufactured in U.S.A. or Germany. Modules assembled in U.S.A.
**in accordance with the applicable SolarWorld Limited Warranty at purchase.


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