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Why choose Recycled Roofs when looking for a new roof?

Recycled roofing installation, shake roofing, recycled metal roofing in Vancouver WA by GreenLight Solar & Roofing

Affordability comes to mind first when looking at a recycled roofing installation for a home’s new roof. Recycled roofs offer the durability of traditional roofing materials while being lightweight. These recycled materials have been proven to protect any roof against extreme elements like high temperatures, UV sunlight, snow, hail, rain or even fire. They are environmentally safe while helping to accentuate that curb appeal making it the right choice for that new roof!

Shake Roofing is a Popular Choice

People are choosing durable composite roofing tiles to restore their slate shingles or cedar shake roofs increasing the value of their homes. Composite roofing is preferred by builders and homeowners. Composite shingles are composed of a fiberglass mat reinforcing the tile’s center which is then coated with mineral fillers and recycled asphalt. The fiberglass in the tiles makes them sturdy but lightweight. With the help of advanced polymer chemistry, these composite tiles are stronger and versatile.

  • A large selection of styles, blends, widths, and colors is available
  • Shake Roofing shingles offer authentic-looking machine sawn shake shingles, hand split cedar shingles or quarry slate shingles with staggered lengths styles
  • There are over forty shingle styles of authentic, natural colors and textures
  • These shingles are environmentally friendly while adding to the value of the home
  • Recycled roofing installation is low maintenance and economical
  • Shake Roofing composite tiles offer a fresh look to that aging roof

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Recycled Metal Roofing is Another Alternative

Yes, recycled metal roofing is made primarily from the recycling people take out to the curb once a week. It’s no longer kept sitting in heaps in warehouses. The metal used to produce recycled metal roofing is ninety-five percent recycled material, primarily used beverage cans. What could be greater than to use recycled metal rather than scavenging for new raw materials from the earth? This recycled metal is being reused in the making of beautiful, long-lasting metal roofing.

  • Nearly ninety-seven billion beverage cans are produced each year in America
  • Only fifty-seven percent of those cans will ever be recycled
  • The metal utilized in these roofs consists of approximately 500-thousand recycled cans each day and 100-million recycled cans per year
  • For every 100 square feet of a recycled roofing, about 1,800 cans will be used to create it
  • By recycling aluminum instead of using virgin metals, the power equivalent to 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline is saved every year

Whether remodeling or upgrading a home, homeowners have several choices. Ecologically minded folks will choose recycled roofing installation. It makes sense to recycle and even better sense to install durable recycled roofs closing the loop on recycling. These roofs are economical, durable and add to that curb appeal.


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