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Commercial Solar Services – Industrial Grade Solar Panels

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Contractors in Vancouver WA byGreenLight Solar & Roofing Solar energy is affording both large and small companies the opportunity to reevaluate their energy expenditures. Providing businesses, the opportunity to install commercial solar services offers an alternative to the high costs of electricity.

Building a sustainable energy system demonstrates corporate responsibility to the environment and the planet. Renewable energy like solar energy is a clean and efficient solution to lower utility costs and the company’s bottom-line.

Advantages of Using Commercial & Industrial Solar Services

From start to finish, the company’s solar experience begins with a proper orientation to the attributes of using solar for the benefit of the company. The uncertainty of the energy market continues to grow, sustainable energy resources like solar need to be explored. Fundamental phases to set up commercial solar systems are:

  • Energy resource audit and site analysis
  • Solar energy feasibility analyses for the company
  • Design and build commercial solar services system
  • Install commercial & industrial solar services system
  • Monitor solar energy data

Commercial Solar Energy Resource Audit and Site Assessment

An on-site evaluation will be conducted to identify the needs of the company. From this evaluation, the benefits of commercial solar services system and its impact on the company will be discussed.

Determining the suitability of a solar energy system for the company begins with the compatibility of the location and if it will meet the company’s unique requirements. Investigating if integrating both the existing electrical and water heating systems will help to maximize its effectiveness and savings.

Determining the financial and economic viability of installing a commercial solar services system will be necessary. The analysis of the company’s potential savings and impact on the environment of the proposed solar project is indispensable.

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Industrial Grade Solar Panel Installation

Industrial grade solar panels are durable and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Industrial panels are designed to meet the safety standards for installation in potentially hazardous locations.

The photovoltaic technology takes solar energy and is generated into electricity. The effect of solar energy on the semiconductor material in these panels supplies continuous electrical current. The material used in industrial grade solar panels assists in generating electrical power anytime light hits the material in the panels creating a photoelectric effect.

Designing & Building Commercial & Industrial Solar Services

Solar energy system design and building are vital for a cost effective, and efficient system. Several popular styles are used dependent on the facility’s location and property’s attributes. Each offers the company optimum solar potential when selected.

Large, flat rooftops, large parcels of undeveloped land and car parks are perfect for commercial solar power installations. For streamlined commercial solar installation processes, design and planning are the key.


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