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Home Solar Panels

Home Solar Panel Installation

Home Solar Panel Installation Services in Vancouver WA and Portland ORSolar panels are currently being manufactured with increasing electrical energy capacity which in turn provides more electrical power to American homes. Residential solar power has become more accessible and affordable for families in the United States.

The expense of residential solar panel installation has dropped nearly in half compared to what these systems cost three years ago.The savings are being passed on to homeowners who want clean solar renewable energy to supply electricity to their house. It helps that the electrical energy capacity from the newer home solar panels has grown to provide more electrical power to American homes.

What Are Home Solar Panels?

Harnessing energy to produce electricity for the home has gotten easier with the help of solar cells. A solar cell is usually made up of a circular silicon semiconductor.

When the sun’s energy hits the semiconductor, it is converted into usable electricity for the home. The stronger the intensity of the light, the greater the electricity a solar cell will produce. They then take several solar cells and form a single panel. The combined cells then create a larger area to collect the sun’s light.

The number of solar panels utilized to convert solar light to electricity will determine the amount of electricity that flows through to circuits of the home.

Unfortunately, if the light source is removed, the solar cells in the home solar panels will stop producing electrical power. The average home solar panel system requires fifty square feet for a starter system to a thousand square feet for larger home systems.

Initial Factors That Homeowners Need To Consider:

  • Cost of solar panels and circuit systems
  • Average monthly home energy expenditures
  • Solar energy incentives
  • Net-metering policies
  • Solar renewable energy credits and payback rates
  • Tax credits
  • Federal, state, and local rebates
  • Return on investment for homeowner
  • Lower energy bills along with greater paybacks

Solar Power For Your Home

The quantity of sunlight that will produce energy for a home can only be estimated by the residential solar panel installation team. Sunlight varies yearly, seasonally, as well as by the locality of the home creating a challenge when trying to calculate the exact amount of electricity the system will generate. For homes that may experience longer periods of gray skies, a backup system can be set up to for those periods of heavy clouds.

The residential solar panel installation team will discuss the proper placement and size requirements of the system to effectively meet the house’s electrical demands. They will also help to clarify the permitting requirements and how the system will be linked to their local utility company.

A professional home solar panel installer can help decode the state and local community’s specific regulations that are crucial to maximizing the system’s performance.


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