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Every pool owner dreams of extending their swimming season to all year round. The main issue why homeowners shut down their pools is the cold water. Who wouldn’t love warm water for that early morning or late evening swim throughout the year? It is now possible with swimming pool solar heaters that absorb the rays of the sun and those carefully designed systems that heat the family pool. Home Solar Pool Heaters Installation for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver WA Longview Kelso Kalama Camas Washington by GreenLight Solar & Roofing ContractorsImagine swimming in water that is ten to fifteen degrees warmer than the normal water temperatures. Swimming pool solar heaters, depending on the climate, are cost effective with minimal costs to operate.

Solar Pool Heater Installation

The components that make up these solar pool heaters are simple in nature. Like any pool, there is a typical pool filter that removes dirt and debris from the pool water before it is passed through a solar collector.

The solar collector circulates the filtered pool water through its system while being heated by the sun. A classic pool pump helps the warmed water move through the filter and solar collector back into the pool. For the owner’s convenience, a flow control valve helps to regulate the water flow during the solar collector’s heating process.

In warmer climates, the solar collector can be used to cool pool water. During peak heat temperatures, the owner can reverse the process during the cooler temperatures of the evening. Adding an automatic valve to the solar pool heaters helps regulate the water’s temperature to keep the water temperature consistent maintaining the systems efficiency.

The Solar Pool Heater Installation Contractors Will Evaluate…

  • Appraise the home’s solar resource
  • Determine the duration of the swimming season
  • Local temperature and climate
  • Preferred pool temperature
  • Establish the best system for the property
  • Locate the proper tilt and orientation for the solar collector
  • Assess the correct size solar system for the size of the pool and its solar resources
  • Determine the necessary building codes, regulations, and local covenants for the system

Is Solar Heating Panels Right for Your Pool?

The design for the swimming pool solar heaters is imperative to its effectiveness and longevity. Most solar heating systems will last approximately twenty years. The solar pool heater installation team will need to assess the amount of solar energy that is reaching the building site. They will determine if an adequate amount of solar resource is available for the pool’s heating system. A professional solar pool heater installation team can help the homeowner choose the right solar pool heater for their property.


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